Light, love and passion...

She studied at the Royal Academy for Art and Design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, in The Netherlands, from  1981 till 1986. After graduation she started working at her studio. She also travelled to different countries like South-America, India, Nepal and Africa. All these cultures were of different interest to her, living amongst these people, and being inspired by their customs and values. The beautiful nature, the vast grandiosity of it all, it still inspires her.  She especially noticed that the world is a much bigger place then we can comprehend. It’s noticeable, this great unity in which we people are allowed to life.

The inspiration and challenge for her paintings is to reproduce the great loving powers, the light, love and passion in and around us.

“In my work I can express all I have in me, and that sense of freedom is great. I love giving colors their space, so they can shine and sparkle. Reality comes in different layers. There is a lot of energy underneath the surface. It’s as if to say that there is a dialogue between my deepest thoughts and the materials, and it comes naturally. The invisible comes to life. My work reflects those underlying powers. I see every art expression as a gift that I receive through creating. I get great pleasure out of that.”




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